Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blog Reboot

Hello all,

Here's Liberty Belle with babies
We started this blog a long time ago it seems and then it got pushed aside to wherever cleaning out the garage and doing windows goes when life gets in the way. When we began we had but five hedgehogs, two males and three females, and we were unlicensed (You don't have to be licensed with only three females, you do for four though). Since then we have gotten our USDA license now have five breeding males, and twenty five females. Somewhat of an increase.

This is Iro, a female we're keeping
What I hope to do with this new updated version of the blog is bring you closer to the hedgehogs at Desert Hedgehogs and a look at the inner workings of a small scale breeding facility (my home). I will be slowly going through the herd and giving you bios, as well as lots of cute pictures of everyone. I will post blogs for big events starting with Hedgefest, a biannual breeders conference I went to recently. If anyone has a question they would like answered in a blog, feel free to send me an e-mail.

I can't promise when I will be updating. It will likely be inconsistent and not very often, but more than once a year at least. I'm hoping for at least once a month.